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Patient dining

For patients in isolation/COVID-19 units:

  • Transition to 100% disposable dinnerware for patient trays.
  • Update the delivery model: The dining team brings the trays to the nursing unit and the nursing team delivers the meals to the patients.


For other patients:

  • Ensure continuity of operations, providing in-room dining with an emphasis on patient needs and dietary restrictions.
  • Comply with the CDC’s recommended foodservice guidelines.
  • Provide appropriate personal protective equipment for your dining team.
Grab-and-go and convenience store

To reduce the possibility of contamination within your retail areas, you will need to transition self-serve stations to grab-and-go programs with convenience store items.

  • Menu categories may include composed salads, packaged soups, sandwiches, yogurt parfaits and grain bowls.
  • Create a section dedicated to fresh produce, sundries and other essentials (such as eggs, milk, rice and tissues) that your team members can take home.
  • Convert cafe and dining venues into pickup locations.
  • Move out all tables and chairs to ease staging and pickup.

Best practices:

  • Make sure your airscreens or coolers are clean and properly functioning. Nobody wants too cold or too warm fresh food.
  • Keep your airscreens well-merchandised. Product should look fresh, well-organized and plentiful.
  • Refresh the display several times throughout the day, especially during peak hours.
  • Make sure all items are clearly priced and facing forward. Neat and organized rows make the best impact, and prices should either be marked on each item or clearly displayed in or near the display.

Home meal replacement

Provide complete meals for your team members to reheat and enjoy at home. Offer these ready-to-heat meals in your cafe to boost revenue and cater to your guests’ changing dining needs. The meals are completely prepared, packaged, labeled in your cafe and can be picked up by your team members during hours of operation.


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